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200 biodegradable cotton buds. Plastic-free and ocean -friendly.


  • A STAPLE FOR ANY BATHROOM: 200 high-quality bamboo sticks that make an excellent, sustainable alternative to plastic buds
  • BIODEGRADABLE AND PLASTIC-FREE: We use bamboo as it is a fast-growing sustainable alternative solution to plastic. Naturally biodegradable, you won't have to worry about your Plastic footprint!
  • HOUSED IN A RECYCLED PAPER BOX: Fully recyclable packaging - good for you, good for the planet
  • STICKS MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO: High-quality, good value, sustainable. The bamboo doesn't bend and allows for an excellent user experience.
  • Multi-purpose product: your bamboo Cotton buds can also be used for cleaning tasks, arts and crafts, makeup applicators and many more!

Bamboo Cotton Buds

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