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Love This Mother - Her Story

Love This Mother is a women owned company driven by a strong connection to Mother Earth and all her glory. First founded in 2019 as a community platform to share tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle, the passion to provide friends with access to these solutions swiftly took form. Friends were eager to find sustainable solutions through a company that they could trust. Love This Mother was born from a shared desire to live out a sustainable lifestyle, both by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in our daily lives. 


Waste and overconsumption is not only a consumer responsibility, but a responsibility every company should bear as a dedication to this great place we call home. This is still unfortunately being overlooked by most companies who are allowed to sell unethically sourced and unsustainable items. This is not a mistake consumers can make when purchasing through Love This Mother as each product we offer is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and of the highest quality for a lengthy lifespan.


Check out our products and join our environmentally conscious community.


There's no better day than today!

Love This Mother

A zero-waste sustainable lifestyle store focusing on products that are ethically sourced, fair trade, eco-friendly and sustainable. We purchase in bulk for our zero-waste refilling, and source from small batch partners certifying their eco-friendly values.

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