Landfills Are No Home For Bioplastics

I'm no specialist when it comes to our trash, but I do know it's something we should all start moving our attention towards. I recently read that San Diego's landfill is likely to be full in approximately 9 years if we maintain our current process of trash collection, and let me tell you, those 9 years are going to pass by a lot quicker than we think. We can't keep waiting until problems have completely infested our way of life before we pause to look at them. Now is the time to contemplate solutions and think of the ways we can change human behavior to avoid the direction we are headed in.

I was recently filled with joy to see that many of San Diego's restaurants and cafes had moved towards the use of compostable bioplastics. Likely the result of a growing demand from consumers wanting a more Earth-conscious alternative for their takeout meals. Yay, what a relief! But what stung after, was learning mo