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Help protect Mother Earth against greed and devastation!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

How you ask? If you haven't done so already I highly recommend you head over to YouTube to watch Patagonia's newly released movie, "Public Trust", a film about the fight to protect America's public lands. Watching it can make you feel helpless against the oil & gas conglomerates that have stuffed the pockets so deeply of law makers and politicians that it can feel futile to combat. However, the more awake we become as a country to these truths of greed and manipulation for the benefit of only the wealthiest people in the world, the more the average citizens can rise up in masses against it.

The movie will likely bring tears to your eyes, as you can't help but imagine a world where quick profits with irreparable damage trend in superseding the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Once you've watched the movie, I assure you that you'll be inspired to take action. One way to do so is to communicate to politicians what is important to you as the American people. I recommend you send letters & emails, make phone calls, get involved locally, donate, volunteer, or protest.

If you are feeling your efforts may be far away from having any major impact, I recommend you go to Patagonia Action Works and sign all of the petitions available on the website. In a busy day, with just 20 extra minutes to spare, you can have your name on 20+ petitions against deforestation, drilling, preservation of tribal lands, and the protection of the sale of public lands.

Get inspired, take action, get involved! M.E. (Mother Earth) thanks you.

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